Every business is different.

Whether you require several on-site servers to run specific applications, or reliable off-site hosted email, we are able to provide whatever is needed. We take client relationships very personally, aiming for cost effective client happiness.

We can offer support and installation of the basic necessities. Network and endpoint security, VPN access, printer support and anything else you can think of.

It doesn't always need to be complicated, but if it is, we can handle it.


The concept of moving services such as email into "The Cloud" are becoming far more commonplace.

With mirrored secure cloud based hosted Exchange servers we can provide all of the benefits of a full enterprise email server, without the requirement of an on-site machine.  Whether you have 1 user or 100 it is a totally flexible solution, with full Email filtering included.



Many applications still require an on-site server.  We can work in conjunction with your application's software company and can specify, install and support the most important machine on your network.   This machine can be configured exactly as required, whether it be for email, remote access or database, working together with you we can identify your needs and ensure you have a system that works.

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