Your data is your business, losing important files can have massive implications.  We can provide a UK based, triple hosted, offsite Cloud Backup.


The statistics on data loss show how important it is to take your backup seriously.

-  Only 25% of users frequently back up their files

-  60% of companies that lose their data go out of business soon after

-  ALL physical disk and tape drives will eventually fail

-  Only 34% of users check their physical backups, over 75% of those

that do find faults with them

-  Nearly 30% of data loss is due to human error

Powered by Attix5 your data can be backed up as often as you need, using secure data transmission and storage encryption to mirrored data centres in the UK.


Your backup is monitored daily to ensure it's working and pricing is flexible, based on the amount of storage you require.

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